Training Centre “The Centre Of Excellence”

The “Centre of Excellence” was officially opened on the 14th April 2012 and is situated in the business hub of Pinetown. The centre boasts a 490 sq metres area that can currently accommodate 12 learners at the workshop benches, a further 10 learners being trained on generic engineering modules in the workshop area and 5 learners being trained at the welding bays.

The centre has been made designed to accommodate handicapped learners and is wheelchair friendly. There are areas throughout the workshop area that have been utilised for practical identification of various engineering tools, fasteners, bearings, etc. as well as a “touch & feel” area for learners to interact with machinery & equipment. The centre offers a well-equipped and interactive training room which is offered to any person / company wanting to hire the room as a Conference facility. The room can accommodate 15 people comfortably, with various seating arrangements, and catering is included as part of the hiring service. There is also a second break-away room available for smaller groups.